Alfa marmi

The intrinsic variety of nature, which makes each element unique and impossible to reproduce, finds is greatest expression in marble. At Alfa Marmi, a company from the Campania region specialized in the processing and sale of fine marble and granite, we this in constantly keep it in mind. Over the last four decades, the family run business has developed every product according to that assumption. Even in the earlier stage, that idea is the thought that drives the choice of the piece of marble: in the depths of caves in different countries of the world.

The Allocca brothers can confidently understand the secrets lying in the rocks, made of matter, colour and imperfection, but also filled with hard work and expertise. “Nature does not provide a finished product” they remind. “You need to process it and marble requires particular effort and constant contact with cold, water and dust. You need to know it and cherish it”. These two conditions are inhaled with the smell of marble in the premises located in San Gennaro Vesuviano. They kept the bar straight notwithstanding the continuous swinging in taste and the momentous.