The ten washbasins designed by ten Italian design studios, despite their preciousness, are not art-gallery pieces, but products to be put in contemporary spaces. They confer a new natural style, open to the perception of shapes and what they instill, moving the attention from the washbasin to their physical and symbolic meaning and to the enhancement of the spaces. In the dialogue between man and machine, they express the union of technology with manufacturing knowhow. They are developed technically in every small detail, and they merge aesthetic use and functional structure in the material that, thanks to the life of water and the variety of ideas finds great formal and use flexibility, in projects meant both for domestic and collective spaces. They were all born in an empathic relationship with the archetypes and the unconscious ideas related to headstone material and each of them, in a slow and laborious work of transfiguration and knowledge, generates particular signs to investigate the complexity of our time.